ESL will resume face-to-face learning on 26 July (Tue) at 9:30-11:00am. The details are:

Location: St Paul’s Anglican Church, Cnr Moseley St and Vickery Ave, Carlingford

Fee: $15 per term


地址:圣保罗圣公会,Moseley St 与 Vickery Ave 交界,Carlingford


Easy English Bible Class will also start on 26 July at 11:15-11:45am, after ESL class finishes at 11am. Please join us to learn more about the Bible in both English and Chinese.


Please note 请注意: There will be no online class running at the same time. 不设网课。

The following is material for you to download. 下面是给你下载和打印的材料。

Level 2 and 3 第二和三级:

Level 1 第一级:

Please use the following form to let us know you are coming, and ask us questions. 请用以下的表格登记, 查询和与我们联络。